Take Your Life Insurance Sales
to the Next Level

We specialize in helping life insurance agents and advisors increase their life insurance sales. We do this by serving as your back-office throughout the entire sales process. From custom life insurance proposals, to advanced case design, to case submission and paid commissions, Advisor’s Resource is your partner in success. All of these services are designed to make you look good in front of your clients – guaranteed.

How do we make you look good? The first step is creating custom life insurance proposals based on proven strategies.

Life Insurance Retirement Plans

Life Insurance Retirement Plans

Life insurance is commonly used to provide financial protection in the event of premature death. Your clients can protect their spouse, children, business, or other beneficiaries.

However, cash value life insurance can provide more than protection. It may be used to accumulate tax-deferred dollars that provide income options to supplement retirement.

Split Dollar Plans

Split Dollar

Split-dollar, when properly set up, is a tax beneficial arrangement in which a company and a person split and share a life insurance contract. This strategy can help your business owner clients save taxes now while accumulating tax-deferred money they can access in the future by utilizing life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Alternatives

Term Life Insurance Alternatives

As you know, term life insurance is the most popular type of policy on the market. This is due to the fact that it is the cheapest and most accessible way to get coverage.

However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best option…