Life Insurance Strategies

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When it comes to providing your clients with life insurance solution, not every strategy fits all. Depending on their current situation and goals, life insurance needs will vary. We have designed the specific strategies to help advisors achieve financial success by offering their clients a variety of different solutions.

Strategies for Indivudals

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premium finance


Strategies for Businesses


Insured Family Legacy

With proper planning, it is possible for older generations to utilize assets that are not needed for everyday living expenses and make more efficient use of them for the benefit of future generations, while still maintaining control over these assets. Learn how with our Insured Family Legacy!

Leveraged Deferred Compensation

The Leveraged Deferred Compensation Strategy (LDCS) utilizes an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) contract offered by a top-tier insurance company domiciled in the United States. In addition to a permanent death benefit, this strategy leverages loans from the policy’s cash value to provide tax-free income in retirement.

Premium Finance

Premium financing is an agreement that involves the lending of funds to a person, company, or trust to pay an insurance premium. These loans are provided by a third party, typically a bank, at favorable rates and the borrower will be required to pay the interest on an annual basis. 

Business Owner Succession Strategy

If you are a business owner looking for ways to reward yourself or key employees with a tax-advantaged retirement program, Business Owner Succession Strategy or B.O.S.S is a program worth considering. It is a non-qualified benefit plan for business owners and key employees. Learn how by reading the article below.

Executive Bonus

Benefit plans are often the leveraging tool that makes the difference and puts you ahead of the competition. As you consider the many options available, expand your thinking to be certain you are also rewarding yourself in the process, consider the executive bonus.

Split-dollar, when properly set up, is a tax beneficial arrangement in which a company and a person split and share a life insurance contract.

Comparison of Alternatives

Life insurance has many uses; however it’s primary purpose is to provide financially for a family in the event of death. Your clients have a variety of options when it comes to planning for your family’s future. In this article, we discuss the potential advantages and drawbacks of the most common strategies.

A Private K Plan takes the unknown out of your future tax rate. It is Tax Free! 

With a Private K Plan, you have the ability to pay your taxes now, at a lower rate. Allowing you to accumulate for retirement without having to worry about the IRS.