R² – Retirement Income Maximization

R² is an optimized retirement plan that utilizes a Cash Value life insurance contract combined with bank financing to maximize retirement income on a taxed advantaged basis. R² provides as much as a 30% or more increase in income per year as compared with traditional retirement plans.

Taxed Advantaged Retirement Plan

This concept is similar to financing a house. You use a mortgage to leverage the amount of cash you have to buy a bigger house. With R², you are accomplishing the same goal – more retirement income
using leverage.

R² starts with a new or existing cash value life policy which is utilized as ‘Initial Capital’. From there, R² uses leverage on a conservative basis to dramatically increase retirement income. With new polices, the leveraged contributions begin in the 2nd year of the Plan. These payments are matched 2 to 1 for the next 5 to 10 years depending upon specific goals. With existing policies, the leveraged contributions can normally begin immediately depending upon the current cash value of your existing policy. The lender will use the values in both cases as the sole collateral for the leverage or matched funds. Therefore, your client does not have to provide personal guarantees.

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Advantages of R²

Compared to Other Methods of Financing Premiums

  • Turnkey program
  • Pooled financing (your client can get better loan rates)
  • No collateral requirement
  • Non-recourse loan
  • Easy to understand proposal
  • Custom branding to your firm


  • Ages 30-60
  • Interested in saving money for retirement
  • Earnings $300k+ in annual income

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