Life Insurance Strategies
for Business Owners in the Growth Phase

Are You Working With Business Owners IN THE Growth PHASE?


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Life Insurance Strategies to Consider
for Business Owners in the Growth Stage

For those looking to purchase life insurance, there are a few policies that are well-suited for business owners in the growth phase and their specific needs and goals.

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When properly set up, Split Dollar is a tax beneficial arrangement in which a company and a person split and share a life insurance contract.

Split Dollar is a non-qualified benefit plan that provides a tax-advantaged program for business owners and key employees. This insurance strategy lets an employer and employee share the cost of a permanent life insurance policy. It can be applied to any permanent life insurance policy that includes a cash value component. 

As a business owner, there are many issues that keep you up at night. In today’s competitive workplace recruiting, retaining, and rewarding key employees is very important. 

Benefit plans are often the leveraging tool that makes the difference and puts you ahead of the competition. As you consider the many options available, expand your thinking to be certain you are also rewarding yourself in the process, consider the executive bonus.

R² is an optimized retirement plan that utilizes a Cash Value life insurance contract combined with bank financing to maximize retirement income on a taxed advantaged basis.

With this strategy, the goal is to accomplish more retirement income using leverage. R² provides as much as a 30% or more increase in income per year as compared with traditional retirement plans.


If you are a business owner looking for ways to reward yourself or key employees with a tax-advantaged retirement program, Business Owner Succession Strategy or B.O.S.S is a program worth considering.

It is a non-qualified benefit plan for business owners and key employees. Learn how by reading the article below.

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Life insurance solutions are always possible no matter a person’s age. If you have business clients who fall into the Growth Stage and are seeking options that are right for their current personal and financial situations, we have strategies that work for them. Contact the Advisor’s Resource team to learn more.