Branding Materials

Provide clients with branded marketing materials and tools

Enhance Your Image

All insurance companies and BGA put out nice flyers and brochures; the problem is they all promote their brand or the insurance company. Reach out to your clients and prospects with marketing materials and tools designed with your logo and brand colors with Brand ID.

Imagine having access to everything – bio cards, email messages, point-of-sale brochures, flyers and more – with your branding, providing a consistent look and feel, increasing awareness and positioning you more professionally within your target audience. If this is what you are looking for, Brand ID is the solution for you.

Identity Marketing Tools

A library of supporting identity-marketing tools is available for your use, including bio cards, personal brochures, fact finders, service questionnaires, recommendation worksheets, and more.

Email Campaign

You have access to a series of emails that are written to support and promote each concept within our library.

Direct Mail Letters

Direct mail letters are optional - you send them prior to or following an email campaign. You download the letter and print on your local printer.


Phone Scripts

As a veteran agent you realize the importance of being prepared. The phone script has been written to give you, a starting point to work with.