Life Insurance Strategies
for the Accumulation Phase



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Life Insurance Strategies to Consider
for the Accumulation Phase

For those looking to purchase life insurance, there are a few policies that are well-suited for individuals in the accumulation phase and their specific needs and goals.

accumulation phase
Life Insurance
Retirement Plan
accumulation phase
Private K
accumulation phase
R² Retirement Income Maximization

There are many ways you can accumulate cash. Some of the more common ways are taxable investments, deferred investments, and retirement plans.

A LIRP plan is a life insurance policy (typically an IUL) that is designed to maximize cash value. This is done by reducing the death benefit to the lowest level while maintaining the tax benefits of life insurance. This will create the maximum amount of tax free income to be used during retirement.

With a traditional 401(k) plan, you are deferring your taxes into the unknown future, rather than taking advantage of the low tax rates of today. If taxes increase in the future, a Private K Plan takes the unknown out of your future tax rate. It’s Tax Free!

 With a Private K Plan, you have the ability to pay your taxes now, at a lower rate. Allowing you to accumulate for retirement without having to worry about the IRS.

R² is an optimized retirement plan that utilizes a Cash Value life insurance contract combined with bank financing to maximize retirement income on a taxed advantaged basis.

With this strategy, the goal is to accomplish more retirement income using leverage. R² provides as much as a 30% or more increase in income per year as compared with traditional retirement plans.


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From their mid-30s until their mid-50s, a person can expect to have many life milestones spring up and change the course of their lives. During this period in our lives, many are preparing and saving for their future retirement. This is a monumental time period for many individuals. Make sure your clients that fall into this demographic are well taken care of for the current and future goals. 

Life insurance solutions are always possible no matter a person’s age. If you have clients who fall into the Accumulation Stage and are seeking options that are right for their current personal and financial situations, we have strategies that work for them. Contact the Advisor’s Resource team to learn more.